Shannon Shea

Special Effects Character Creator, Monster Maker and native New Orleanian, Shannon Shea grew up in the great “monster times” of the 60’s and 70’s influenced by the Special Effects Character Creation work in the original KING KONG, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, Ray Harryhausen films, and eventually STAR WARS.

He attended CalArts in the experimental character animation program and left school early to pursue a career in Special Makeup Effects artist and Creature Creator. He found himself at Stan Winston Studio during ALIENS and contributed to other Stan Winston efforts like PREDATOR, BATMAN RETURNS, TERMINATOR 2, and JURASSIC PARK. His experiences led him to be a key supervisor at KNB EFX Group, where he coordinated shows such as DANCES WITH WOLVES, DRAG ME TO HELL and PREDATORS.

Since 2013, Shannon has moved into producing with the completion of the psychological horror film SCREAM AT THE DEVIL. When he's not developing and producing projects, he spends his time writing, painting, sculpting and occasionally acting when he can. A passionate advocate of "hand-working" he enjoys teaching what he's learned in his 30 years as a working motion picture artist. 

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