Is this what you want?

The life and times of commercial art

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by Ron McLeroy

Is this what you want?

Really? This is what you really want? You want to sit down in front of a computer everyday of your life and create art. Often with no praise except from your peers and no guarantee that anything will ever come of your life. You will most likely live and die as an unknown and in the end, no one gives a shit if you did or didn't sculpt or paint or animate that character for someone else. Really, no one cares at all.

Do you still want to do CG?


If you are doing this to impress or gain the attention of any other person and think you need something said or given or made to show how amazing you are then you are headed in the opposite direction of life. You do not need any accolades of any sort to be confident. You can choose to be confident right now and you should. Are you trying to be as financially successful as you can be so that others respect you? Why? It doesn't matter. Remember, no one gives a shit. You can run down the busiest street in the world with your shirt off, screaming whatever you want, and no one gives a shit.

Now when I say, “No one gives a shit.” it's not to be negative. It's the truth. Imagine how old the earth is, then imagine how old the universe is. Then realize how short of an amount of time life as we know it has been around. And here you are, not even a blink of a blink of an eye x 1000. What you do, does not matter. So do what makes you happy and spreads positivity to others. Fuck society and what they tell you you need to be happy. Fuck 'em. Make yourself happy.

How many people know who the architect of the pyramids were? Who built Stonehenge? Who painted the Eiffel Tower? See? No one gives a shit. Even with these miraculous so called achievements in our history, very few people know. And....if you told them who it was, would their mind be blown away? No, they would forget that name in less than 1 day. That's how much you could ever possibly matter to anyone. Remember this always. It frees you from everything.

What are you doing right now? Right fucking now. Are you miserable? Go fucking change it. Are you not talented enough FOR YOURSELF? Then fucking study. You see someone you want? Go tell them why you want them. Be 100% direct at all times. State exactly what you want and be positive about it and ready for better advice, but always do what YOU want.

You have such an infinitely small life that within the universe it can not be measured in time. We live too quickly to understand the universe and what it means. All we can do is make others happy by doing what makes us happy.

The VFX art form and all it's branches absolutely fascinate me. How they can create such beautiful and amazing creatures and worlds and let us believe in it for a moment is something truly marvelous. I applaud all of you who work tirelessly to achieve that level of talent. And in the end, when you are dead and gone, your children have had children and they are gone, no one will care if you did or didn't.

Still want to do CG?


Let us know in the comments what your “Why” is. IF you are serious about learning a full pipeline and being valuable anywhere you go to create the worlds and characters we have talked about then check out our Gumroads. Let's make a connection and help you grow.  

Dead Panic studios tutorials
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