Attack on Titan

The Real

Dead Panic Studios was proud to have provided concept art for Universal Studios Japan for their project dubbed "Attack on Titan: The Real", the statues are part of a Universal Studios Japan showcase that features similar attractions for three other "popular brands from Japan that are renowned across the world." Visitors can also check out Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and Evangelion exhibits.


"Attack on Titan" started life as a manga comic book series in 2009, with its angst-riddled animated incarnation proving popular around the world. The series -- available on Netflix -- depicts a grim world in which humanity hides inside walled cities, beset on all sides by enormous humanoid titans that eat humans, apparently for no reason at all. As the anime's 25 episodes progress, viewers follow protagonist Eren, whose mother was eaten by a Titan, and learn more about the mysterious, perennially hungry beings. A second series is scheduled for 2016, while a live-action movie is also in the works.