"It's a trick - get an axe."

In the beginning...and I mean the very beginning of film was George Melies and “un homme de tetes 1898”. In this film, Melies employes a trick, the precursor to the modern green screen effect, known as a holdout matte for the first time in any motion picture. It was accomplished by putting a piece of glass in front of the camera and painting sections black so that they are not exposed and then…
People spend years in temples and caves in the pursuit of this silence and nothingness. You don't have to do any of this to practice meditation. The journey is the point of the goal. Tonight, try to sit and not worry, don't be afraid, don't think about how the hell are they gonna bring back Jon Snow? Is he gonna be part of the winter or the summer? Clear all from your mind and if you can't, all…
Is this what you want? Really? This is what you really want? You want to sit down in front of a computer everyday of your life and create art. Often with no praise except from your peers and no guarantee that anything will ever come of your life. You will most likely live and die as an unknown and in the end, no one gives a shit if you did or didn't sculpt or paint or animate that character for…
Join us with special effects legend and all around great guy, Shannon Shea (Aliens, Predator, Jurassic Park) as he discusses his 30 year career in special effects and gives valuable industry insight to up and coming artists and monster fans.
In this completely free ZBrush Timelapse Dead Panic Studios (Civilization:Beyond Earth, Orcs Must Die, BattleBorn) Owner and Lead Character Artist Ron McLeroy takes you through the process of using ZBrush to create an iconic superhero.
There are about a 1 million things anyone would love to know before making a game. Pepper and Rony: Brick Oven Beat Down, our first in house game, is merely weeks away from releasing and looking back on these last four months here a few golden nuggets of knowledge to take with you on your quest for the ultimate achievement in gaming: Launching a title
Caldera Defense is promoted as an ‘action strategy hybrid’, in which the player acts as the tower within a tower defense scenario. The player must defend a rig harvesting alien energy against waves of both ground and air troops. Played from a first-person perspective, Caldera Defense appears to be similar to nDreams’ recently released Gunner, but whether that comparison holds true will be revealed…
In 1902 the Star Film company released “A Trip to the Moon” directed by George Méliès. The film was an international success on its release, and was pirated by other studios, especially in the United States. Its unusual length, lavish production values, innovative special effects, and emphasis on storytelling, were influential to other film-makers and the development of narrative film as a whole.
Dead Panic Studios (Civilization:Beyond Earth, Orcs Must Die, BattleBorn) Co-Owner and concept artist Jeff Paulsrud takes you through concepting a sci-fi utopian city.
X-Men writer and producer Simon Kinberghas come on board Irish filmmaker Ruairi Robinson’s white hot sci-fi project The Leviathan as producer. Neill Blomkamp(Chappie) will also join the formidable creative team as exec producer. Robinson’s 3-1/2 minute proof of concept video forThe Leviathan has been an online sensation since its debut less than a week ago, notching 1.2 million plays on Vimeo and…